Andrew Spencer & Blaikz – We Are Not Impossible

Label: Mental Madness Records

Release Date: 2016.09.02.

01. We Are Not Impossible (Radio Edit)
02. We Are Not Impossible (Extended Mix)
03. We Are Not Impossible (Sven Schwarz Remix)
04. We Are Not Impossible (Spencer & Romez Remix)
05. We Are Not Impossible (Fun[K]House Remix)
06. We Are Not Impossible (South Blast! Vs Fazzer Remix)
07. We Are Not Impossible (Slin Project Remix)
08. We Are Not Impossible (Scheffler Electronics Remix)
09. We Are Not Impossible (Dante Tom Remix)
10. We Are Not Impossible (Basslovers United Remix)

Megastylez vs. DJ Restlezz feat. Euphorizon – Reunite

Label: Central Stage Of Musicmegastylez-vs-dj-restlezz-feat-euphorizon-reunite

Release Date: 2016.08.12.

01. Reunite (Radio Mix)
02. Reunite (DJ Gollum feat. DJ Cap Remix Edit)
03. Reunite (Cloud Seven & Jumpgeil Remix Edit)
04. Reunite (Danceboy Remix Edit)
05. Reunite (Critical Strikez & Withard Remix Edit)
06. Reunite (Aessi & Iwaro Remix Edit)
07. Reunite (Mindblast & Critical Hit Remix Edit)
08. Reunite (Antracid vs DJ Tripple-O Remix Edit)
09. Reunite (Original Mix)
10. Reunite (DJ Gollum feat. DJ Cap Remix)
11. Reunite (Cloud Seven & Jumpgeil Remix)
12. Reunite (Danceboy Remix)
13. Reunite (Critical Strikez & Withard Remix)
14. Reunite (Aessi & Iwaro Remix)
15. Reunite (Mindblast & Critical Hit Remix)
16. Reunite (Antracid vs DJ Tripple-O Remix)

Empyre One & Enerdizer – My Radio

Label: Global Airbeatzempyre-one-enerdizer-my-radio

Release Date: 2016.08.12.

01. My Radio (Radio Edit)
02. My Radio (Club Radio Edit)
03. My Radio (DJ Tool Radio Edit)
04. My Radio (Andre Picar Radio Edit)
05. My Radio (Phillerz Radio Edit)
06. My Radio (Extended Mix)
07. My Radio (Club Mix)
08. My Radio (DJ Tool Mix)
09. My Radio (Andre Picar Remix)
10. My Radio (Phillerz Remix)

Deep.Spirit – Lonely 2k16

Label: ARC-Records Austriadeep-spirit-lonely-2k16

Release Date: 2016.08.12.

01. Lonely 2K16 (Club Edit)
02. Lonely 2K16 (Club Extended)
03. Lonely 2K16 (Pure Summer Radio Edit)
04. Lonely 2K16 (Pure Summer Extended)
05. Lonely 2K16 (Selecta Power Radio Edit)
06. Lonely 2K16 (Selecta Power Extended)
07. Lonely 2K16 (Dan Winter Radio Edit)
08. Lonely 2K16 (Dan Winter Extended)
09. Lonely 2K16 (DJ MNS vs. E-MaxX Radio Edit)
10. Lonely 2K16 (DJ MNS vs. E-MaxX Extended)
11. Lonely 2K16 (DJ The Bass Radio Edit)
12. Lonely 2K16 (DJ The Bass Extended)