Generation Of Style! Episode 07 (mixed by Timster)

01. Ryan T. & Dan Winter feat. Kaytee – Cool Your Engines (Extended Mix)
02. Commercial Club Crew feat. Josh Lorenzen – Paradise (Extended Mix)
03. Crystal Rock feat. Jason Anousheh – Wie Schön Du Bist (Timster Remix)
04. Alari & Vane – Unshakable (Mr. G! vs. Dancefloor Kingz Remix)
05. DJ THT feat. Josh Lorenzen – Josiane (Extended Mix) Continue reading

Generation Of Style! Episode 06

01. René De La Moné – We Need A Chance (Topmodelz Remix)
02. Thomas Anders – Lunatic (RainDropz! Remix)
03. Andrew Spencer & Blaikz – We Are Not Impossible (Basslovers United Remix)
04. Hands Up Freaks – Wanna Be Your Lover (Clubbticket Remix)
05. Giorno – Signs (G! Mix) Continue reading

Andrew Spencer & Blaikz – We Are Not Impossible

Label: Mental Madness Recordsandrew-spencer-blaikz-we-are-not-impossible

Release Date: 2016.09.02.

01. We Are Not Impossible (Radio Edit)
02. We Are Not Impossible (Extended Mix)
03. We Are Not Impossible (Sven Schwarz Remix)
04. We Are Not Impossible (Spencer & Romez Remix)
05. We Are Not Impossible (Fun[K]House Remix)
06. We Are Not Impossible (South Blast! Vs Fazzer Remix)
07. We Are Not Impossible (Slin Project Remix)
08. We Are Not Impossible (Scheffler Electronics Remix)
09. We Are Not Impossible (Dante Tom Remix)
10. We Are Not Impossible (Basslovers United Remix)

Generation Of Style! Episode 05

01. Basslovers United & DJ G4bby – Addicted (Extended Mix)
02. Rene De La Mone – We Need a Chance (Topmodelz Remix)
03. Topmodelz – Little Wonders 2016 (DJ Fait Remix)
04. Bass Inferno Inc. – Be What You Wanna Be (Club Mix)
05. Boyz From TBG – The Fatherland (Extended Mix) Continue reading

Sonera – Taking Me High

Label: Central Stage of Musicsonera-taking-me-high

Release Date: 2016.05.27.

01. Taking Me High (Megastylez Remix Edit)
02. Taking Me High (Basslovers United Remix Edit)
03. Taking Me High (Cueboy & Tribune Remix Edit)
04. Taking Me High (Original Classic Mix Edit)
05. Taking Me High (Partystylerz Classic Remix Edit)
06. Taking Me High (DJ Ozi Classic Remix Edit)
07. Taking Me High (Megastylez Remix)
08. Taking Me High (Basslovers United Remix)
09. Taking Me High (Cueboy & Tribune Remix)
10. Taking Me High (Original Classic Mix)
11. Taking Me High (Partystylerz Classic Remix)
12. Taking Me High (DJ Ozi Classic Remix)
13. Taking Me High (DJ Dava Classic Remix)