Generation Of Style! Episode 06

01. René De La Moné – We Need A Chance (Topmodelz Remix)
02. Thomas Anders – Lunatic (RainDropz! Remix)
03. Andrew Spencer & Blaikz – We Are Not Impossible (Basslovers United Remix)
04. Hands Up Freaks – Wanna Be Your Lover (Clubbticket Remix)
05. Giorno – Signs (G! Mix) Continue reading

Generation Of Style! Episode 05

01. Basslovers United & DJ G4bby – Addicted (Extended Mix)
02. Rene De La Mone – We Need a Chance (Topmodelz Remix)
03. Topmodelz – Little Wonders 2016 (DJ Fait Remix)
04. Bass Inferno Inc. – Be What You Wanna Be (Club Mix)
05. Boyz From TBG – The Fatherland (Extended Mix) Continue reading

Generation Of Style! Episode 04

01. Miley Cyrus – See You Again (Danceboy Remix)
02. Miss Diva – Love Me (Marious Remix)
03. Shaun Bate feat. Sirona – Sing That Song (Hands Up Freaks Remix)
04. Miad feat. Jazmine – I Got You (Dancefloor Kingz Remix)
05. DJ Amadeus feat. Mario Sebastian – Berlin (Manila Remix) Continue reading

Manian – Welcome to the UK

Label: Zoo Digitalmanian-welcome-to-the-uk

Release Date: 2016.02.26.

01. Welcome to the UK (DJ Gollum Mash Up Edit)
02. Ravers in the UK (Ti-Mo Radio Edit)
03. Welcome to the Club (Jens O. Radio Edit)
04. Welcome to the UK (DJ Gollum Mash Up Mix)
05. Ravers in the UK (Ti-Mo Remix)
06. Welcome to the Club (Jens O. Remix)

Generation Of Style! Episode 03 (mixed by Crazy Mind vs. BART)

01. Pulsedriver & Tiscore – My Love (Topmodelz Remix)
02. Malibu Drive – Oh L’amour (Topmodelz Remix)
03. Aqualoop Allstars – You Take Me Away (Dreamscape) (DJ Fait Remix)
04. Overtune – How Does It Feel (Clubbticket Remix)
05. Jens O. – Dare (Extended Mix) Continue reading