Dirty Sound System – The Nights

Label: LNG Musicdirty-sound-system-the-nights

Release Date: 2015.03.06.

01. The Nights (Wings & Rider Remix Edit)
02. The Nights (Wings & Rider Remix)
03. The Nights (Technoposse Remix Edit)
04. The Nights (Technoposse Remix)
05. The Nights (Kritikal Mass Remix Edit)
06. The Nights (Kritikal Mass Remix)

Hollywood Hustlers – Pray To God

Label: LNG Musichollywood-hustlers-pray-to-god

Release Date: 2015.02.27.

01. Pray To God (Supa Nani Remix Edit)
02. Pray To God (Supa Nani Remix)
03. Pray To God (Topless Remix Edit)
04. Pray To God (Topless Remix)
05. Pray To God (Kritikal Mass Remix Edit)
06. Pray To God (Kritikal Mass Remix)

Bank Rollerz – Real Love

Label: LNG Musicbank-rollerz-real-love

Release Date: 2015.01.30.

01. Real Love (Red D3vils Remix Edit)
02. Real Love (Red D3vils Remix)
03. Real Love (RainDropz! Remix Edit)
04. Real Love (RainDropz! Remix)
05. Real Love (Kritikal Mass Remix Edit)
06. Real Love (Kritikal Mass Remix)

Projekt Black – Heroes

Label: LNG Musicprojekt-black-heroes

Release Date: 2015.01.30.

01. Heroes (Wings & Rider Remix Edit)
02. Heroes (Wings & Rider Remix)
03. Heroes (Jinpachi Futushimo Remix Edit)
04. Heroes (Jinpachi Futushimo Remix)
05. Heroes (Kritikal Mass Remix Edit)
06. Heroes (Kritikal Mass Remix)